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rf AC Goodwood Revival 2016 B

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Race 1: Wednesday 28th Dec - Goodwood
GP 37 Mod - Voiturette's (ERA & Maserati)
rf Maserati 37 200x125
Final Practice:10:15am (30mins approx), Qualifying:10:45am 10mins, Warm Up: 10:55am 5mins, Race: 11:00am 25mins
Race Result

AC30x30Race 2: Wednesday 28th Dec - Goodwood
Porsche 718RS
AC Porsche 718 200x125
Final Practice: 11:30am (30mins approx.), Qualifying: 12:00pm 15mins,  Race: 12:15pm 25mins (16 laps)
Race Result


Race 3: Wednesday 28th Dec - Goodwood
HistX mod - Abarth Coppa Mille
rf Abarth 200x125
Final Practice: 12:45pm (30mins approx.),  Qualifying: 1:15pm 10mins, Warm Up: 1:25pm 5mins, Race: 1:30pm 25mins
Race Result

AC30x30Race 4: Wednesday 28th Dec - Goodwood
Ford GT40 & Porsche 908
AC GT40 200x125
Final Practice: 2:00pm (30mins approx.),  Qualifying: 2:30pm 15mins, Race: 2:45pm 25mins (18 laps)


Race 5: Wednesday 28th Dec - Goodwood
HistX Mod Merc 300SL and Maserati Birdcage 60 '59
rf Maserati 60 200x125
Final Practice: 3:15pm (30mins approx.), Qualifying: 3:45pm 10mins, Warm Up: 3:55pm 5mins, Race: 4:00pm 25mins


Race 6: Wednesday 28th Dec - Goodwood
Maserati 250F 6cyl
AC 250F 200x125
Final Practice: 4:30pm  (30mins approx.), Qualifying: 5:00pm 15mins, Race: 5:15pm 25mins (16 laps)

rfactor30x30Race 7: Wednesday 28th Dec - Goodwood
Mercedes W196 '55 F1 Mod
rf Mercedes w196 200x125
Final Practice: 5:45pm (30mins approx.),  Qualifying: 6:15pm 10mins, Warm Up: 6:25pm 5mins, 6:30pm Race 25mins

AC30x30Race 8: Wednesday 28th Dec - Goodwood
Abarth 595 SS2
AC Abarth 200x125
Final Practice: 7:00pm (30mins approx.), Qualifying: 7:30pm 15mins, Race: 7:45pm 25mins (14 laps)

rfactor30x30Race 9: Wednesday 28th Dec - Goodwood
HistX Mod  Alpine A110, Aston Martin DB4 Zagato, Austin Healey 3000 MKIII, Ferrari 275GTB, Jaguar E-Type Coupe, Lotus Elan 26R, Porsche 911R 2.0 SOHC
rf Jaguar E Type 200x125
Final Practice: 8:15pm (30mins approx.), Qualifying: 8:45pm 10mins, Warm Up: 8:55pm 5mins Race: 9:00pm 25mins

AC30x30Race 10: Wednesday 28th Dec - Goodwood
Lotus 25
AC Lotus 25 200x125
Final Practice: 9:30pm (30mins approx.),  Qualifying: 10:00pm 15mins, Race: 10:15pm 25mins (17 laps)

Result links will be added following completion of the event.

Event Information:
This Special Event re-creates the Goodwood Revival meeting held at the Goodwood Circuit each year. Single class Historic racing features in this event. Members may choose to race in just one race, just a few races or all events.

Sims Required:
Assetto Corsa

Mandatory App (Assetto Corsa Only):
Pit Lane Penalty (PLP) app required for all Assetto Corsa events
See DOWNLOAD section and FORUM for install infomation

Car Classes:
Cars as detailed in the Race Schedule above

Event Timetable:
Final Practice: For each race will be 45minutes (approx., depending on any timetable over-run)
Qualifying: For rfactor races will be 10 minutes. For Assetto Corsa races will be 15 minutes
Warm Up: For rfactor races will be 5 minutes.  No Warm Up for Assetto Corsa races
Race: All races will be 25 minutes and will feature a Standing Start

Fixed (Visibility & Shadows may change through the day for Assetto Corsa)

Virtual Server Timings for rfactor races:
Race 1: 9:00am Race 3: 11:00am, Race 5: 1:00pm, Race 7: 3:00pm, Race 9: 5:00pm 

Server Settings:
Fuel: Normal
Tyres: Normal
ABS: None/Factory
Traction Control:  None/Factory
Qualifying (for rfactor Races):  Closed Session (If you haven't joined by qualifying, or DC during qualifying, you will have to re-join in warm-up)
Start Type: Standing Start (See Rule: RCR 8/.)
Grip for Assetto Corsa: 'Green' at the start of offical practice
Grip Lap Gain for Assetto Corsa: Aiming for 100% grip by final third of the race.
Race Points: 25,18,15,12,10,8,6,4,2,1

Points Scored for DNF @ 75% Race distance or higher

Useful Links:
AC Server Lap Times: Race 2 - Race 4 - Race 6 - Race 8 - Race 10
Download Section
Pit Lane Penalty app info - Link in forum
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