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Race session restarts are to be avoided wherever possible.

RCR10a/. In general, races that have a grid entry of 10 or more drivers will not be restarted after a driver has a last gasp disconnection or a (small) start line incident.
RCR10b/. Internet Disconnects are to be considered technical racing problems, such as an electrical/technichal fault that is seen in 'real life' events as cars go to the grid. It's just part of racing, and bacd luck when it happens. The better prepared a driver/team is, then the less this will happen.
RCR10c/. If a large part of the field disconnected, or it is apparent that there has been a major Start Line/First Corner incident, then Admin has the power to use their best judgement to restart the session. This judgement should be accepted without argument in server chat or in forum. Admin will post in the event forum after the event to justify their decision.
RCR10d/. Members who type ‘Restart’ or any suggestion that an event 'will' or 'should be' restarted will be receive a warning, and likely DQ’d from the event result (depending on the confusion/disruption caused).
RCR10e/. If an event is restarted as a result of an incident, then the replay will be reviewed and the instigator will be contacted by Admin.


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Category Image - Sunday 21 January 2018
[rf2] ELMS - Pre-Season Test - Imola
Registered : Open

Final Practice 0 Days 01 hrs 21 mins to go

Category Image - Wednesday 24 January 2018
[AC] F1 1967 - Rd2 - Spa '66
Registered : Open

Final Practice 3 Days 01 hrs 21 mins to go

Category Image - Sunday 28 January 2018
[AC] Blancpain GT - Rd 1 - Misano
Registered : Open

Final Practice 7 Days 01 hrs 21 mins to go

Category Image - Wednesday 31 January 2018
[rf2] Group C Championship - Rd 2 - Monza
Registered : Open

Final Practice 10 Days 01 hrs 21 mins to go

Category Image - Sunday 04 February 2018
[AC] British GT4 - Rd 1 - Oulton Park
Registered : Open

Final Practice 14 Days 01 hrs 21 mins to go

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