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RCR2a/. No Chat is permitted during Qualifying or the Race. Chat can be used during practice & warm-up only.
RCR2b/. No Chat is permitted until the last man crosses the finish line, in both Qualifying and Race.
RCR2c/. Admin may as an exception, use Chat to warn competitors of possible Rule Breaches, that could affect the session (e.g. Track Cut Warning during Qualifying). Any chat initiated by Admin, is not an invitation for discussion.
RCR2d/. Whilst Chat during Practice is fine, it should be relevant and consise. Long discussions and questions are a distraction to other compeitors, and not expected in the latter stages of practice. These should be addressed on the forum in the days leading up to the event.

Consequence for Non-Adherence:-
If an entrant ‘Chats’ in Qualifying/Race, Admin will type a reminder (if able to do so) to all in server chat that ‘NO CHAT’ is allowed. No Response is expected or required from anyone. A warning reminder will also be given Post-Race.
Anyone in Qualifying, who continues after this warning, may be given a penalty for the race or removed from the event at the end of Qualifying depending on the severity of circumstances.
If chat occurs in an event (during the race or in qualifying) and Admin are competing, then a warning/penalty will be given Post-Race to the competitor. Persistent or blatant abuse could result in removal from the race result.
Penalties will be applied depending on the level of the incident and at the discretion of Admin. These may range from Lap Penalties, to Time Penalties, to Drive Through Penalties, to Grid Penalties, to Removal from the Server, or Removal/DQ from the Race Result.


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Upcoming Races

Category Image - Saturday 20 January 2018
[rf1] WEC - Pre-Season Test - Monza
Registered : Open

Final Practice 2 Days 09 hrs 53 mins to go

Category Image - Sunday 21 January 2018
[rf2] ELMS - Pre-Season Test - Imola
Registered : Open

Final Practice 3 Days 09 hrs 53 mins to go

Category Image - Wednesday 24 January 2018
[AC] F1 1967 - Rd2 - Spa '66
Registered : Open

Final Practice 6 Days 09 hrs 53 mins to go

Category Image - Sunday 28 January 2018
[AC] Blancpain GT - Rd 1 - Misano
Registered : Open

Final Practice 10 Days 09 hrs 53 mins to go

Category Image - Wednesday 31 January 2018
[rf2] Group C Championship - Rd 2 - Monza
Registered : Open

Final Practice 13 Days 09 hrs 53 mins to go

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