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This rule should be read in conjunction with RCR9/. Punt Rule. The contacts discussed below relate to car to car contact other than a Punt during an event.

RCR3a/. All events at RaceConnect are non-contact. A member who is reported regularly for on track behaviour which results in contact with other competitors on a regular basis will receive a warning/penalty at Admin's discretion.
RCR3b/. A car that breaks RaceConnect Racing Rules that results in contact with another car, may receive a warning/penalty after the Event.
RCR3c/. A car that makes contact with another car from behind (which is avoidable), which causes the car ahead to lose position or leave the track, or receive serious damage, will be treated as a 'Punt', and procedures should be followed as per RCR9/. The Punt Rule. Therefore, the car that makes contact should undertake a self policed Drive Through within 2 laps.

Consequence for initiating 'Avoidable Contact':-
A reported driver who makes contact, causing a car to lose position or leave the track, or receive serious damage may receive a post race warning/penalty.
Anyone involved in regular contact/incident may be contacted by Series Admin.
Occasional contact is inevitable, however should not be the norm.
Anytme a member has contact with another car at RaceConnect, they should consider and understand their responsibilities, and what they could have done to avoid the incident.
Penalties will be applied depending on the level of the incident and at the discretion of Admin. These may range from Lap Penalties, to Time Penalties, to Drive Through Penalties, to Grid Penalties, to Removal from the Server, or Removal/DQ from the Race Result.


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