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The GT3 Masters Round 6 @ Silverstone GP

Tuesday 16th May saw the second round of the R3E GT3 Masters @ Zolder GP. Reinhard Berger now has an eighteen point lead after Round 2. The second race, was well supported, with 20 on the grid, and the series is shaping up to be another interesting championship.

Adding to the excitement, the races will also be streamed live. Of course, drivers can view the qualification and race directly after the conclusion of the race. Highlights of Round 2 @ Zolder can be seen by clicking below (go to 50:00min for Race Start)

RaceConnect GT3 Masters | R3E

GT3 Category Racing | Round 3 - Monza | Tuesday 30th May | Register To Race Or Find Out More

RaceConnect Lotus 49 | Assetto Corsa

Lotus 49 Championship | Round 6 - Spa Francorchamps | Wednesday 7th June | Register To Race Or Find Out More

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RaceConnect Tuesday R3E Championships: On Tuesday 2nd May, RaceConnect will host the opening round of the R3E GT3 Masters.

Our plan is to schedule a full calendar of Championships on Tuesdays using the RaceRoom Racing Experience Sim.

Full details of this championship can be found by clicking the link above, or on the banner found under 'Tuesday Racing'.

A practice server is live, and can be found in the RaceRoom multiplayer lobby under 'WWW.RACECONNECT.COM GT3', and accessed using the normal RaceConnect password.
Registration for Rd 1 is open.

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AC VLN 2017

AC GT Open 2017

AC PCC 2017

AC WSC '69 2017

AC DTM 93 2017

AC Lotus 49 2017

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Assetto Corsa @ RaceConnect:

For 2016 we have been running 3 core Wednesday Championships. Two modern day & one Historic:
(Click on Posters for further Series information)
2016 ac british gt promo
British GT Championship

2016 ac audi tt cup 350x231
Audi TT Cup

2016 ac ferrari 312t promo
Ferrari 312T Championship

Assetto Corsa will continue to feature on the RaceConnect calendar, in both Championship Series, and One-Off 'Specials' as seen with last year's Goodwood Revival event (Highlights in the video above).


With the development of further mods such as the DRM Mod for Assetto Corsa, and continued updated for the Sim from Kunos, the Sim is progressing well.


rfactor2 350x197

rf2 ELMS 2017

rf2 Blancpain GT

rf2 Historic F3 2017


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RRE @ RaceConnect:

Full informaiton coming soon!


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iRacing @ RaceConnect:

For 2016 RaceConnect ran 4 core Tuesday Championships. Sadly, we were unable to maintain and build a strong enough interest. 

We tried iRacing for 9 months or so, and despite having 30 (iRacing) members, we're struggling to get more than 4 or 5 to turn up for races, which is a real pity. As it stands, all of the RC iRacing seasons are now completed/retired. Anyone wanting to get involved in further iRacing, there is a decent community at BOSRA (search the web, who seem to have a sound following for GT3 racing, and run some other specials too. Any of our members who know of any other good iRacing communities, please let me know, and we can promote them. Any of our members who believe they have the time and commitment to really help with iRacing @ RaceConnect, please let me know, but for the time being, iRacing @ RaceConnect is 'On Hold'.

Any member who is aware and willing to promote another iRacing community, please contact Admin.


Upcoming Races

Category Image - Wednesday 26 July 2017
[rf2] Lola T280 - Rd4 - Nurburgring (Nordschleife)
Registered : Open

Final Practice 1 Days 14 hrs 25 mins to go

Category Image - Saturday 29 July 2017
[rf1] Indycar - Rd13 - Michigan
Registered : Open

Final Practice 4 Days 14 hrs 25 mins to go

Category Image - Sunday 30 July 2017
[rf1] WEC - Rd 4 - Nurburgring
Registered : Open

Final Practice 5 Days 14 hrs 25 mins to go

Category Image - Wednesday 02 August 2017
[AC] WSC '69 - Rd4 - Silverstone '67
Registered : Open

Final Practice 8 Days 14 hrs 25 mins to go

Category Image - Saturday 05 August 2017
[rf1] NAEC - Rd3 - Watkins Glen
Registered : Open

Final Practice 11 Days 14 hrs 25 mins to go

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AC Lotus 49 - Rd1 - Silverstone